Our Services and Purpose

We manage on-street, off- street and bus terminus  services and our purpose is to provide convenient, sustainable, competitive and efficiently run world class services to our customers.

Our Service Culture

Excellence and world class standards are the mantra and hallmark of our services and we achieve this guided and motivated by high integrity, customer focus, professionalism, teamwork, and technological innovations and gender sensitivity. Our focus is to contribute to Eswatini’s Technology status and to become the premier provider of automated, integrated services that offer maximum shareholder, stakeholder  and customer value. Our services shall be safe, competitive, sustainable, convenient, efficiently run world-class parking experience for our customers.

Customer Voice

  • Our doors are always open, our ears on the ground for innovative feedback and customized ways to serve you.
  • Eswatini Parking values your feedback, it sharpens and perfects us. Please chat to us or report incidents

Our Commitment to a win-win promise

  • We commit ourselves to delivering unequaled world class parking services and customer care in on-street and bus termini parking services.
  • Our highly Motivated Team is Faithful, Trustworthy, Professional, and Responsive and well trained.
  • Our state-of-the-art and cutting edge technology has excellent billing system with a real-time transnational capability that enables accountability and transparency. 

Our Standards of Service

We strive to:

  • Have honest and accountable customer focused staff at all our service points.
  • Attain good customer care, information and warm reception at all times.
  • Acknowledge your presence and respond to you within 3 minutes of your entrance at service points
  • We aim to process your payment within 
  • 100% accuracy of data e.g. time, vehicle reg.no, street, and fines and parking fee payments value on receipts generated.
  • Have all our marshals visible and available to your service at all times during working hours.
  • Acknowledge all correspondence within 24 hours and keep you regularly updated on unresolved issues.
  • Answer phones within 3 rings, identify ourselves and address your needs immediately.

Customer Rights

Our customers have the following rights:

  • Right to product information
  • Right to make a formal complaint if not satisfied with our services
  • Right to our undivided attention to your complaints and queries
  • Right to fairness and value for money
  • Right to receive a receipt for every payment made

Customer Responsibilities

    • Pay your parking fees as you park before you leave your vehicle
    • Receive, display and keep the vehicle payment  receipts.
    • Park correctly at designated points
    • You are obliged to treat our staff in a respectful manner and are expected to respect the right of the individual to dignity in their work life. Any form of harassment or discrimination will not be accepted or tolerated.

    Disclaimer: Eswatini Parking shall not be held responsible for cars clamped for non-payment of parking fees, fines or failure to display pre-paid parking card or machine generated receipt.

Complaint Procedure

If you are not satisfied with our service and wish to make a complaint or you want to give us feedback do the following:

See the Parking Marshal

    • If you are not satisfied, ask to see the Marshal Supervisor.
    • Come to our offices and ask to see the Customer Care Officer

Office Business Hours: Monday to Friday 08:00 to 17:00. Saturday 08:00 to 13:00.