PrePaid Parking Card "u'MLAMLELI"

The Prepaid Card allows drivers to park their vehicles in Eswatini Parking car parks. Both on street and off-street simplifying entrance and exit, with no need for cash or a minimum 30min parking tariff.

Using a Prepaid Card is simple – By swiping the card to the Parking Marshal’s terminal upon entry of car parking bay, the credit on the Card is reduced by the parking cost.

Sales Points

Prepaid Cards are available at parking attendants of the public car parks and at the Customer Service Offices for the price of E50.00 with parking credit. The Card should be reloaded with credit prior activation and prior to your first parking experience.

Card Reload

Prepaid Cards can be reloaded at time of parking – at the parking marshal or electronically – if Card is personalized. Cards can be reloaded at the cashiers from E1.00 to E1000.00  and electronically from E50.00 to E5000.00.


Prepaid Card has a validity period of three years, starting from the date of activation.

  • When Non-Personalized card expires, remaining balance can’t be transferred onto another card
  • When Prepaid Card expires, the User can buy a new Card, by established procedures

Card Tarriff

Umlamuleli Prepaid Card, unlike card payments is perfect for the “bay hoper” and drop offs. From as little as E0.42 for initial 5minutes. View a complete list of tariffs here.